Altan Gungor's 'Her Telden'

During my last visit to Turkey, I had a chance to catch up with my friend Serhan Güngör and his brother Altan.

Altan is currently raising money on Indiegogo to produce a music video to go along with one of the tracks on his debut album. Please take a look, see if you can contribute a few bucks.

Altan had just released his debut album, Her Telden and I got a chance to listen to it. It was an amazing experience. See, I have known Altan for 30 years now. He is a chemical engineer by training and worked as an executive for a number of energy companies for a good many years, but his love of music never waned. He played various venues in Ankara and Istanbul with Turkish groups Commercial and Anonim Reloaded. It was a great feeling to hold in my hands a physical product containing the culmination of all those years' work and passion.

The phrase "Her Telden" can be translated as "All Strands" as in bringing together various strands of musical influences on Altan. In his own words, the tracks on this album represent his synthesis of the songs he loved on the POP singles he used to listen to on old 45s, the rock concerts he played in during college years, melodies that left an impression on him as he traveled through Turkey and various parts of the world.

I am not proficient enough in the terminology of music to describe to you the album in those terms. All I can tell you is the album reminds me of the soundtrack from the movie Collateral: Sometimes upbeat, sometimes downright moody, and occasionally self-reflecting in not a flattering way.

Don't let the fact that most of the lyrics are in Turkish turn you off: After all, I don't hear half of what is said Guero Canelo, but that doesn't prevent me from combining the tune with my mood.

Altan's music is like that: It combines with your mood and envelopes you.

As I mentioned above, Altan is raising money to produce a music video. In the interest of transparency, I should point out that my only connection to the campaign (and the eventual production) is that, as a long time family friend, I would like him to succeed. So, please head on over to his campaign and take a look.