Photos from our trip to Kastellorizo, Greece

During our trip to Turkey this year, we decided to spend a night on the Greek island Kastellorizo. We took a ferry operated by Meis Express in Kaş. The ferry ride is quick, but you do have to show up at least half an hour before departure, turn in your passport and actually go through customs. You do not get your passport back until the Greek authorities take a look and stamp it.

On the island, we stayed at Monika and Damien's place. On the morning of our arrival, they made us bacon & eggs (yes, I am an infidel), along with a great cup of coffee. In addition to having the most reasonable prices, the best food on the island, the best place to chill out on the island, and a really quiet and well-ventilated room for us, they were extremely gracious hosts. If you ever plan to go to this cute Greek island, do yourself a favor, skip the hotels on the harbor, walk an extra few yards and stay with them.

We made the mistake of dining out at one of the harbor restaurants. The view was good but the food was not and it was overpriced. We did not take desserts, and ran back at Monika and Damien for their excellent cappuccinos.

They also arranged a boat ride for us with a most dependable and accommodating captain (I'll update this page with his information when I find his business card). He took us to the Blue Cave, added a couple of extra caves for our pleasure, dropped us off on a rock in the middle of the sea (there was a church like structure and someone taking care of the property, so we weren't completely alone), and picked us up an hour later, right on time.

The island also offers excellent opportunities for challenging hikes. We climbed the 405 steps to the top and walked all the way to the Monastery of St. George of Vouni and back.


[ Kastellorizo Greek flag over castle ]
[ Kastellorizo another harbor view ]
[ Kastellorizo blue cave entrance ]
[ Kastellorizo boat in harbor ]
[ Kastellorizo cave entrance ]
[ Kastellorizo church bell tower ]
[ Kastellorizo clear water ]
[ Kastellorizo cute buildings ]
[ Kastellorizo funny duck ]
[ Kastellorizo harbor at night ]
[ Kastellorizo harbor from mountain ]
[ Kastellorizo harbor mosque ]
[ Kastellorizo harbor sunrise ]
[ Kastellorizo looking toward Turkey ]
[ Kastellorizo monastery ]
[ Kastellorizo moon ]
[ Kastellorizo mosque minaret and bust ]
[ Kastellorizo narrow streets ]
[ Kastellorizo view from castle ]
[ Kastellorizo welcome ]